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General Instructions

It is desired that the students should make a regular study program.

They should fix daily hours for study.

They should devote extra time to learn different subjects.

They are required to ensure success.

They must do home work neatly and regularly, failing which they may be asked to withdraw from the school.

It is also desired that the students will create good and healthy atmosphere by their behavior and conduct in the school.

The students are advised to maintain general cleanliness, be polite and courteous.

Discipline is a part and parcel of education, students are advised to maintain high standard of discipline and decorum in the school.

Students should be regular and punctual in attending the classes.

Sprinkling of ink, lettering, scribbling on school walls and damaging the articles of other students and school property may lead to dismissal from the school.

It is compulsory for all students to attend National anthem and prayer in the assembly hall.

No leave will be sanctioned if written application is not send duly signed by the parents/guardians, It will be sanctioned only after verification of signatures of the parents/guardians from the handbook. Under normal conditions a students will not be allowed to leave school before time. When a written request is made by the parents, the request may be approved by the principal only under special reason.

Wearing of ornaments, jewelry, costly watches by the students is not permissible in the school. Similarly students are prevented to bring cash or costly things. (If brought by any students in the school it will not be the responsibility of school authorities, if lost or stolen).

A student suffering from any contagious diseases, should not be send to the school till the student is completely free from the infection, followed by a certificate from the competent medical authority.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make arrangements to send the child and to take him/her home from the school. The school authority will not responsible for any mishap or untoward happenings before and after the school hours. The school authority does not provide any transportation facility.

The students coming to school by any means such as Bicycle, two wheeler, automobile, they are requested to park their vehicle at the parking place provided for at their own risk. In case of theft of vehicle or its part the schools authorities are absolve from all the liabilities in ward if any and will not be answerable in any case.

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