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General Rule

Parents/Guardians are requested to check monthly present & absent record and academic progress report regularly and send the report duly signed to the class teachers with suggestions if any.

The parents and Guardians are requested to pin up the identity slip on the front left pocket of the shirt to their ward before they leave for school.

Parents and guardians are instructed not to visit the classes or meet the teachers or their during school/teaching hours without prior permission of the principal. They are permitted to visit the school only during the visiting hours.

All complaints and suggestion if any may please be made to the principal or to the director if considered necessary.

Those students getting scholarship i.e. SC/ST/OBC & post metric must have minimum attendance of 75% every month.

75% attendance is compulsory to appear in the Board Examinations. If a candidate fails to maintain 75% attendance, the students will have to appear as a private candidate.

It may kindly be noted that school authorities have the right to expel any students with and or without any of the following reasons:-

  • Too bad performance in the annual information.
  • Non payment of school fees/dues (more than one instalment)
  • If any students remains absent continuously more than 15 days from the school without prior written intimation, the name of the students will be automatically stuck off from the school and readmission will be the discretion of the principal/director as the case may be.
  • Misbehavior, assault, indiscipline, insubordination arrogance such students are liable to be removed, rusticated expelled from the school without assigning any reason.


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