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About Us


Hello All!

I am truly honoured to have been bestowed with the humble service of this school which has become an Embodiment of Learning and Education since the past 50 years now.

We at Brilliant strive to inculcate in our students creativity, motivate them to develop confidence and a mind that is susceptible to learning so as to disseminate light of knowledge in all directions and fields, just as our School Emblem.

Discipline is a fundamental part of our School. When Students lead a disciplined life, they set an easy path to success. They develop an approach to happiness and a beautiful future ahead.

Today, in a world full of intense competition, we encourage our Students to give their best, work hard and be dedicated towards their goals. I simply believe that Brilliant Higher Secondary School is well positioned for the twenty first century. Our school offers every opportunity in a progressive environment, to identify and develop effective ways to use methodologies and technologies in study programs and to explore better ways of teaching. Objective involves the participation of School Faculty, Other Professionals and Students.

We give our Students wings to fly but also strong roots of moral values to keep them grounded with their rich culture. Our experienced, dedicated, sincere and highly qualified staff works together as a strong team to support us.

I look forward to welcome you all

Kajol Shroff. M.


Brilliant Higher Secondary School